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Gas Furnaces

High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces with up to 97.4% AFUE

Maximize Your Comfort with a Carrier Infinity Gas Furnace With Greenspeed Intelligence.

Greenspeed intelligence is our unmatched technology that takes into account your complete comfort, from degrees to dollars to decibels. It marries adaptable-speed technology with Infinity intelligence to deliver precise comfort, constantly matching to the comfort demands of the home. This translates into reduced energy use and reduced temperature swings throughout the home.
  • Infinity 98 high energy efficiency – up to 97.4% AFUE
  • Infinity 80 high energy efficiency – 80% AFUE
  • Infinity 98 provides adaptable speed operation with Greenspeed intelligence
  • Infinity® control boards keep track of previous cycles and allow the system to automatically adjust the heating and cooling stages for the best comfort and energy efficiency
  • Variable-speed blower allows unit to operate at lower speeds the majority of the time, ensuring consistent airflow and temperature
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Infinity® 98

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